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Kramer goes racist?

I just read this article about Kramer going racist on a standup show at Laughs. Kramer is a character in the worldwide known program Seinfeld. Here’s a CNN video at YouTube so you can see his act:

People like that should be shot in the back with a rifle. Why would you say something like that just coz you’re rich? That sucks… If you got money, yay, good for you. We dont care?

Rappers Imperssions

This is a video I found at Nicopops blog. It’s just amazing. Thanks Nicopops!

CPL Nordic Interview’s

Hey! So this is my first post to my new blog! So last week I was working for an electronic sports tournament CPL Nordic in Jönköping, Sweden. And I got the chance to interview one of the best players on this earth in the game Counter-Strike. Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed. He plays for a team named NiP-Gaming (
And also I got the chance to get to know the manager for 69N 28E which are the coordinates for a lake in Finland named Lake Inari. It’s also a Counter-Strike team and they placed 3rd in the tournament while NiP won the qualifier.

Me and SpawN Me and SpawN Shyan The Manager Me at CPL SpawN and Heaton The whole NiP

Hey how are you ? Please introduce yourself to our readers!
69N 28E Shayan: Hello! My name is Shayan Taleb, i’m 19, and currently manager for 69N – 28E
NiP Spawn: Chill, Im a bit tired still, just woke up.

How’s your games gone in the CPL Nordic qualifier so far?
Shayan: Well, not so good as i could’ve imagined. We lost versus Begrip, and won the rest. The begrips game was a total flop.
Spawn: We have won all matches.

What will be the final standings of this event?
Shayan: Us, NIP & Begrip
Spawn: The biggest threat is SK-Gaming

If you weren’t a professional E-Sport player, what would you be doing right now?
Spawn: I would focus on basketball since it was going so well.
Shayan: Probably working somewhere, my current situation is being a soccer player and a manager.

What’s your plans on the weekend? Other than sitting here at Elmia playing?
Shayan: Probably just haning out with the team, different partys and such.
SpawN: We’ve been hangin around in Jönköping, been to the movies and such…

What’s your next event other than CPL?
Shayan: We’ve got a showmatch versus Virtus pro the 9th of December in St:Petersburg!
Spawn: WSVG

How do you think CPL has been organized? Has everything worked out nicely?
Shayan: This has totally been a flop from the organizaters side. This is a perfect example as a argue for not letting chicks rule.
Spawn: A little problems in the beginning in the first matches. But otherwise really good, computers, schedule and such were good.

What do you think about this world record that we are all making as we speak?
Shayan: I like, i was out buying burgers for me and niko while it got officiall but it’s sweet, that a Swedish LAN has the record :).
Spawn: It’s just totally crazy. 10 000 people!

Who has been your thoughest opponent so far?
Shayan: Begrip………
Spawn: No one 😀

What do you think about the skill levels of the teams?
Shayan: It’s very con and pro. Some teams lacks, some don’t. As usuall
Spawn: The teams have been good. We have crushed all of them but that doesn’t mean that the teams are bad. They are top level ofc.

Have the rules been ok? Has there been any missunderstandings?
Shayan: There has been many missunderstandings. Like, you can’t talk in the middle of fade. If you die, you have no rights to talk. Which sucks, and like only one guy can stand behind the team. While there’s TONS of admins, press and others who’s just standing in the way.
Spawn: It’s only the fade to black rule. That you cant even talk while it’s fading…

Shayan: Where did you get the idea to start beeing a manager?
Ah, the usual question. For being a manager is tha lack of time, since i play soccer and practise like

SpawN: Is you’re brother gellous for you playing for NiP the greatest team in the world?
No I dont think so. We’re all grownups and it’s only children that are gellous

A girl from SK-Gaming interrupted me while interviewing SpawN.

Team NiP playing against H2k in the final.

Then a Quick Poll:

Shayan: MSN & IRC

Ipod or Creative?
Shayan: Creative

Shayan: CPL
Spawn: CPL

CS or CS:Source?
Shayan: CS
Spawn: CS

Black or White?
Shayan: Black fo sho
Spawn: Black of course!

NiP or SK-Gaming?
Shayan: NiP
Spawn: NiP

Sennheiser or SteelSeries?
Shayan: Sennheiser
Spawn: Sennheiser

Qpad or SteelSeries?
Shayan: Qpad
Spawn: Qpad

Logitech or Razer?
Shayan: Razer
Spawn: Logitech

Heaton or SpawN?
Shayan: Spawn
Spawn: Heaton

Akion or The Rest?
Shayan: Fo shizzle my nizzle dizzle akion
Spawn: AKION ofc :DDD